In the history of this world, there are only two states that were made on the name of Allah (swt). One is Madinah and the other is Pakistan. Thousands of Muslims migrated for Allah sacrificing their lives, leaving behind their wealth, work, houses, properties, their well settled life just for Allah (swt). How beautiful it is to hear such stories of the martyrs, of our ancestors who shed their blood to give us a free land where we can live according to our Deen! I feel proud whenever I think about it! Allah (swt) has blessed this nation with HIS countless blessings. The piece of land which HE has given to us is full of treasures and bounties. Alhamdolillah!
Let us count some blessings Allah (swt) has given to Pakistan.
Pakistan has the Second best irrigation system in the world.
Pakistan has the World's Second Largest salt mine and attracts about 250,000 visitors per year. Salt is evacuated at about 350,000 per year from Khewra Salt Mines and even at this rate the salt could remain …

Blessed Is He Who Hears Voices Calling Him Dad

The one who take his child as a blessing, the one who feels proud to become a Dad. The role model, the hero, the superman of the child, the hulk who can bare all the burdens and can face all the situations, who protect his flock, is none other can but a Father. A father is always considered as a mount who stands against every storm coming towards his children.
Pa, a small word but the love behind this two letter word is uncountable. A daughter's first love, a son's superman, the protector, the shield, actually words are not enough to elaborate this letter. A child follows his father and takes him as a role model and learns his way of living. He absorbs each and every move of his father and he always tries to become his carbon copy. I saw this wonderful quote and indeed! It's true,
"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."
Mostly people complain about the aggressive and rude behavior of their father. But they never try to und…

How They Control Your Mind

Social media has a great power to control human mind. Specially news channels, dramas, films and documentaries are playing a wide role in controlling our minds and thoughts. Nowadays people believe in whatever they see and hear. They don't even try to confirm anything and just blindly believe on it. Malcom X said,
"The media's the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's POWER. Because they control the minds of the masses."
According to the latest researches media has the power to convince people on whatever they want them to believe in. There are numerous channels running on our television sets from all over the world and each one of them has a different perspective. Today, the media is so powerful that it shows whatever it wants and people blindly believe on it. People never try to look behind the screens. It's good to be aware of your surroundings but should look on the comp…

Mother's Day Today

12th May is an official Mother's Day which is celebrated across the globe. It's good to honor your mother and value her in your life. People in Europe mostly celebrate these kind of days because they are too busy to spend time with their family,relatives,friends, neighbors, etc. So they made such specific days for people in their lives with whom they can spend a day YEARLY. In simple language we can say that they are living a robotic life busy in their tasks having no time for relations and emotions and they are happy like this because they have seen only this way of living since their childhood.
But in East the condition is much different. People value their relations very much. Every individual of the family has it's own place and the elder individuals have more respect or they are treated as the Head of the family. There's no such tradition to separate parents and grand parents to Old Homes or charitable Organizations which is totally opposite from the West.
Every na…

Fingers Crossed For More Five Years

I gave my vote for the first time and was really excited about that as well! It was so motivating to see the enthusiasm for the betterment of the country in every citizen. Despite of the fact that there was a huge mismanagement accross the country, voters waited even for 12 long hours to cast their vote but they did perform their responsibility. It was so good and energizing to see such a passionate love in the fellow voters for the nation.
This spirit showed everybody that we are alive! We proved that we really want to change Pakistan. Sadly, nothing is changed in the system. But a huge change has taken birth in the youth of our country! In these five years this change will grow more and in the next election we'll see a huge change IN SHA ALLAH!
Don't be dishearted! So what if we don't have a new leader now but we can unite to bring a huge change of success and prosperity to our country. We'll have to stand together to fight against corruption and terrorism. After all…

Cast Your Vote Don't Vote Your Caste

Elections today in Pakistan, hoping to see a NEW and BETTER Pakistan. But this time let's not just hope! Now it's time to CHANGE our present and future by our decisions and the only POWER we have is our VOTE! Mostly people do not cast their votes because they think that there is none worthy of it! THIS IS WRONG. Yes! This is true that there is no one so pure to be trusted blindly upon but we can vote for better among all.
This time let's think beyond caste,cities,,provinces,money,etc. and think about OUR COUNTRY! Sixty Six long years have been passed and still not a single sincere person we have elected! WHY? Are we dead? Or are we so self centered that we are happy in this terrorism because it's about our caste and locality? This is not about a single town or city. This is about the whole NATION.
What picture are we drawing in the World's eye? Are Pakistanis not humans? Are Pakistanis not capable of being independent? Are Pakistanis backward? Are we slaves of our p…

An Amazing Remedy For Toothache

Everything in this World is dependent upon a very little word FAITH and yes it is true. When we start believing, things actually start working. This is a kind of a personal experience which my grandfather told me and now I would like to share with you all.

For many days my mother was having a severe toothache and aching pain in gums. Last week my grandpa came at our place after a long time to spend time with us. When he saw that mum can't even eat anything, he asked her what had happened to her and why is she not eating anything! After listening to mum he said,
"Let me tell you all something really amazing and I guarantee you that if you are having a toothache, this incredible remedy will heal it! All you have to do is to recite daily some Surahs in your WITR prayers in the order which I am telling you. When you perform your ISHA prayers, in WITR Recite SURAH AN-NASR in first Rakah after Surah Fatiha, SURAH LAHAB in second Rakah after Surah Fatiha, and SURAH IKHLAS in last Ra…