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Thursday, August 14, 2014


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In the history of this world, there are only two states that were made on the name of Allah (swt). One is Madinah and the other is Pakistan. Thousands of Muslims migrated for Allah sacrificing their lives, leaving behind their wealth, work, houses, properties, their well settled life just for Allah (swt). How beautiful it is to hear such stories of the martyrs, of our ancestors who shed their blood to give us a free land where we can live according to our Deen! I feel proud whenever I think about it! Allah (swt) has blessed this nation with HIS countless blessings. The piece of land which HE has given to us is full of treasures and bounties. Alhamdolillah!
Let us count some blessings Allah (swt) has given to Pakistan.
Pakistan has the Second best irrigation system in the world.
Pakistan has the World's Second Largest salt mine and attracts about 250,000 visitors per year. Salt is evacuated at about 350,000 per year from Khewra Salt Mines and even at this rate the salt could remain in the mines for 350 years.
Warcha Salt Mines has the BEST rock salt in the world.
Kalabagh Salt Range is famous in the world.
Thar Coal Reserves are the 7th largest coal reserves in the world with estimated 175 billion tons of reserves. 185 billion tons Thar Coal reserves have the ability to produce around 10,000 MW for up to 300 years. 175 billion tons of coal reserves are equivalent to 618 billion barrels of crude oil, which is worth of trillions of dollars.
Balochistan has many still undiscovered gas fields. Among the discovered, Sui accounts for 26% of Pakistan's gas production.
Reko Diq has 1275.75 tons of gold reserves and 200,000 tons of copper. Reko Diq Deposits are nearly $1 trillion of value.
Saindaq has 63.50 tons of gold reserves.
Allah has bestowed HIS countless mercies and favors upon us. This is the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN.
When I think about the favors and blessings the problems seem to be too small to mention. But yes, Pakistan is facing many problems and all the problems have only one solution and that is ISLAM. This country was made to be ruled by Allah (swt). Only HIS laws would be applied on this land but what's happening is totally opposite. After 68 years of rebelling Allah (swt) what else do we expect? Islam is not just a religion, it is a complete code of life. We have forgotten the true values of life. What a simple, caring and beautiful life we were told to live! And we ruined it.
People often say, "What can we do? We can do nothing!" I say, we can do everything! We can defeat ourselves, we can change ourselves, we can care for our fellow beings, we can stand for the oppressed, at least we can play our parts perfectly. If every person gives his zakat and charities, there will be no needy left to ask for help. Islam is the religion of care. It teaches us the lesson of humanity.
Can't we stop ourselves doing the things Allah has forbidden us to do. When we start living individually and socially according to Allah, all the problems will evaporate. 14th August is the blessed day for all the Muslims because we were given this piece of land to live in and to love it. I just loved the speech of the Imam on 14th August in the nearby mosque. He said, Pakistan is like a sacred mosque which Allah (swt) has blessed us. To protect Pakistan and to love Pakistan is the duty and responsibility of all the Muslims until the day of Qayamah. May Allah (swt) bless Pakistan! LONG LIVE PAKISTAN!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Blessed Is He Who Hears Voices Calling Him Dad

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The one who take his child as a blessing, the one who feels proud to become a Dad. The role model, the hero, the superman of the child, the hulk who can bare all the burdens and can face all the situations, who protect his flock, is none other can but a Father. A father is always considered as a mount who stands against every storm coming towards his children.
Pa, a small word but the love behind this two letter word is uncountable. A daughter's first love, a son's superman, the protector, the shield, actually words are not enough to elaborate this letter. A child follows his father and takes him as a role model and learns his way of living. He absorbs each and every move of his father and he always tries to become his carbon copy. I saw this wonderful quote and indeed! It's true,
"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it."
Mostly people complain about the aggressive and rude behavior of their father. But they never try to understand the reason behind the bitterness. They never think how their father had spent his whole life? How he managed to feed them? How he educated them? How they became successful? Who raised them so high to stand with their heads up in this competitive world?
So many questions but the answer is only one! All we are today is because of the sacrifices our Father made for us, his love, his care and his hard work. He neglected his own needs and requirements because he wanted to make our future a brighter one. He worked day and night because he didn't want us to bare all those hardships he bared. He gave us the best he could. And what we are today is because of him but what we give in return to him? Depression, distress, loneliness! We are so busy in our lives that we don't have time to spend with him. We don't even have a smile for him!
Just think of the mental pain and stress our fathers would bare when we misbehave with him. How would he feel when we argue on little things. In what kind of ache he goes through when he watches his children neglecting him.
There's no comparison for a father's sacrifices, love and care. We should admit the fact that there's nobody perfect in this World. Everyone has some negativities in his personality, even we also have many. But we should neglect such negativities of others and should think in a different way. We should apologize for our mistakes made in past and should value our relations. We should spend quality time with our parents because THEY DESERVE TO BE LOVED. Don't let your children do the same with you because they learn what they see you doing.  

How They Control Your Mind

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Social media has a great power to control human mind. Specially news channels, dramas, films and documentaries are playing a wide role in controlling our minds and thoughts. Nowadays people believe in whatever they see and hear. They don't even try to confirm anything and just blindly believe on it. Malcom X said,
"The media's the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's POWER. Because they control the minds of the masses."
According to the latest researches media has the power to convince people on whatever they want them to believe in. There are numerous channels running on our television sets from all over the world and each one of them has a different perspective. Today, the media is so powerful that it shows whatever it wants and people blindly believe on it. People never try to look behind the screens. It's good to be aware of your surroundings but should look on the complete side of the story.
We should control our minds in a way that before believing anything it confirms the matter. Take your power in your hands and control yourself. Don't let your mind control you. Media has a special attraction towards the audience. Like hypnotism the minds and thoughts are controlled in whatever way the controller wants.
News Channels specially are showing one side of the story. They beautifully make the scene opposite of what it really is. Every news channel is telecasting the same story in a different way. The fake stories are meant to be true and are shown to the international World. And thanks to the News Channels, International World take our country as the HELL ON EARTH.  
It's impossible to keep yourself away from media and I don't think that one should do that because being aware of your surrounding is really important nowadays. Just as the revolution in the World's history is always brought about by the people, media can also be revolutionized by the people. Media is not dependent upon anyone and none can stop it from showing anything but ITSELF. In this modern era we have the most powerful weapon to show the truth i.e. INTERNET. Social websites are playing a wide role in unveiling the reality as users have the power to post and upload anything they want.
Mostly youngsters are more enthusiastic about their country and they really want positive changes in the system from top to the bottom. So show the reality and prove media wrong so that people could think beyond the curtains. Trust me people are really curious to know about the reality behind the stories. Actually there are always three sides of a story, the one they tell you, the one you understand and THE TRUTH. Now it's up to you, what you see and what you believe and what you take as the truth.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Today

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12th May is an official Mother's Day which is celebrated across the globe. It's good to honor your mother and value her in your life. People in Europe mostly celebrate these kind of days because they are too busy to spend time with their family,relatives,friends, neighbors, etc. So they made such specific days for people in their lives with whom they can spend a day YEARLY. In simple language we can say that they are living a robotic life busy in their tasks having no time for relations and emotions and they are happy like this because they have seen only this way of living since their childhood.
But in East the condition is much different. People value their relations very much. Every individual of the family has it's own place and the elder individuals have more respect or they are treated as the Head of the family. There's no such tradition to separate parents and grand parents to Old Homes or charitable Organizations which is totally opposite from the West.
Every nation is recognized by its traditions,culture,civilization,etc. Differences does exist in different nations but it's good because everyone should have it's own identity. Sadly, from past few years because of the influence of media and internet East is badly affected and following everything they do. Specially the new generation is much attracted towards such celebrations. I am not saying that it's not good but what I am trying to explain is that we are neglecting our values and relations because we have started copying others.
Now the ratio of Old Age Homes or Charitable Organizations have increased much higher as compared to the ratio of such organizations few years back. People have started shifting their parents and grand parents to such organizations because now they think that it's a burden on them to keep their elder family members in their houses. There was a time when presence of grand parents and elder members were considered to be the symbol of BLESSING for the family. But now a very few families are there who are proud to have their parents with them.
My grand mother was so right she often used to say that,"Parents can keep even ten children at a time. They educate them. Fulfill their needs and neglect their own needs and requirements. Teach them.  They sacrifice everything for their children and they can do that for their whole life without any complain! BUT EVEN TEN CHILDREN CAN'T KEEP THEIR PARENTS WITH THEM! They consider their parents as a burden and treat them harshly. They forget how their father worked day and night to educate them and to fill their bellies. They forget how their mother used to love them when they had nothing. They forget that the status, wealth, and everything they have is because of the hard time their parents had bare for them. But they understand and regret over all these things when their own children repeat it with them. But it's too late than and they have nothing except regretting."
It's really sad to know that slowly and gradually we are losing our values. We should copy what's good and is positive. But what kind of modernization is it to copy the mistakes and flaws of a nation? I just can't understand this. For me each day is a mother's,father's,brother's,sister's,friend's,etc. day. I don't need to wait for a year to spend time with my relations! Come on WAKE UP please before it's too late. Value your family because there's no comparison to the family no one can ever take your parent's place or can love you like your siblings do. 

Fingers Crossed For More Five Years

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I gave my vote for the first time and was really excited about that as well! It was so motivating to see the enthusiasm for the betterment of the country in every citizen. Despite of the fact that there was a huge mismanagement accross the country, voters waited even for 12 long hours to cast their vote but they did perform their responsibility. It was so good and energizing to see such a passionate love in the fellow voters for the nation.
This spirit showed everybody that we are alive! We proved that we really want to change Pakistan. Sadly, nothing is changed in the system. But a huge change has taken birth in the youth of our country! In these five years this change will grow more and in the next election we'll see a huge change IN SHA ALLAH!
Don't be dishearted! So what if we don't have a new leader now but we can unite to bring a huge change of success and prosperity to our country. We'll have to stand together to fight against corruption and terrorism. After all revolution in the World's history has came because of citizens. They had stand together for their country. Now it's time for us! Why wait for any leader to come upon us. We can also lead ourselves towards success through honesty and dignity! This kind of lectures had been given to us for many years but this time I witnessed the revolution in the thinking of our youth and even in elder citizens. Everybody is fed up now of these horrible circumstances.
We must understand that our responsibility does not end with our vote. Our responsibility doesn't finish today, it only STARTS. We must work hard and educate ourselves to develop our country. We have to bring the change within ourselves first. We'll have to become the YOUTH THIS COUNTRY NEEDS. Let's stand together and hoist our Flag high. May we see a new Pakistan in coming years. God bless Pakistan! Long Live Pakistan!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Cast Your Vote Don't Vote Your Caste

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Elections today in Pakistan, hoping to see a NEW and BETTER Pakistan. But this time let's not just hope! Now it's time to CHANGE our present and future by our decisions and the only POWER we have is our VOTE! Mostly people do not cast their votes because they think that there is none worthy of it! THIS IS WRONG. Yes! This is true that there is no one so pure to be trusted blindly upon but we can vote for better among all.
This time let's think beyond caste,cities,,provinces,money,etc. and think about OUR COUNTRY! Sixty Six long years have been passed and still not a single sincere person we have elected! WHY? Are we dead? Or are we so self centered that we are happy in this terrorism because it's about our caste and locality? This is not about a single town or city. This is about the whole NATION.
What picture are we drawing in the World's eye? Are Pakistanis not humans? Are Pakistanis not capable of being independent? Are Pakistanis backward? Are we slaves of our political parties? Are we afraid of being killed? Are we deaf,blind and dumb as well? Indeed we are if we are still thinking same as we did before. Don't worry about others just do your part. It's your decision take it by yourself. Don't vote under pressure of any political party or of your family or of anyone else!
Instead of blackening our faces again for five years let's BLACKEN our fingers for a day! If you are sleeping in your homes instead of giving your vote then YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN OR CURSE YOUR COUNTRY! If you think there is not a single one eligible for your vote then go and tear your ballot and drop in the ballot box so that your vote cannot be used by anyone.
It is our responsibility and duty to protect our country and choose the most righteous person for the country. If you are voting for a corrupt person again then you will be his partner in his wrong deeds as well! Think differently this time.  Pray for a better Pakistan and DON'T FORGET TO CAST YOUR VOTE TOMORROW.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Amazing Remedy For Toothache

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Everything in this World is dependent upon a very little word FAITH and yes it is true. When we start believing, things actually start working. This is a kind of a personal experience which my grandfather told me and now I would like to share with you all.

For many days my mother was having a severe toothache and aching pain in gums. Last week my grandpa came at our place after a long time to spend time with us. When he saw that mum can't even eat anything, he asked her what had happened to her and why is she not eating anything! After listening to mum he said,
"Let me tell you all something really amazing and I guarantee you that if you are having a toothache, this incredible remedy will heal it! All you have to do is to recite daily some Surahs in your WITR prayers in the order which I am telling you. When you perform your ISHA prayers, in WITR Recite SURAH AN-NASR in first Rakah after Surah Fatiha, SURAH LAHAB in second Rakah after Surah Fatiha, and SURAH IKHLAS in last Rakah after Surah Fatiha.Your pain will vanish and will never come back again!"

We all were just staring him with weird expressions. Before we could ask him anything, he said,
"One day during the time of my service, I had a severe pain in my gums and I couldn't even eat anything. There was a stranger sitting in front of me and he was noticing me as well. He asked me what had happened to me and why was I pressing my cheek bones. I told him that my gums are aching and this is unbearable. He smiled and told me this amazing remedy! Approximately THIRTY YEARS have passed and I am 85 years old now! I have lost all of my teeth because of age factor but I never had a toothache again."
Maa Sha Allah my mum is much better now. So I thought I should share it with you all :)
Indeed The Qur'an and it's ayahs are charismatic :) As Allah (swt) says,
"And We send down from the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe."
-Surah Al Israa, Ayah 82.